#Innovation #AI #DataVisualization #MixedReality #BreakthroughDesign #FutureVision
#Innovation #AI #DataVisualization #MixedReality #BreakthroughDesign #FutureVision

Mike Pell

Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, M. Pell has spent over three decades pushing the tech industry’s boundaries well past innovative design and technologies into the realm of true breakthroughs. Today, many of those world-changing breakthroughs are imbedded in our everyday lives – such as creating Adobe Acrobat and PDF (1990), pioneering the first version of the web-based Metaverse (1995), creating the WYSIWYG Font menu (1985), and designing early Smartphone experiences (2002).

Widely recognized as a world-class designer and inspiring thought leader, Pell currently leads The Microsoft Garage in New York City, part of the company’s worldwide innovation program for moving ideas forward quickly to foster a culture of experimentation. Pell’s first book, “Envisioning Holograms” is considered a must-have for tomorrow’s most influential storytellers and explorers.

His second book “The Age of Smart Information” details how the fundamental nature of communication is transforming with the combination of AI and Metaverse technologies. 

Mike’s third book “Visualizing Business”, due out May 2023, shows our most complex and dynamic businesses in an entirely new light.  

Mike Pell


Envisioning Holograms by Mike Pell
Envisioning Holograms (2017)

Design textbook for the Metaverse and beyond. Learn how to use spatial design to craft truly impact experiences and narratives.

Smart Information by Mike Pell
The Age of Smart Information (2019)

This is what comes well after ChatGPT - the ability for information have its own intelligence to configure itself to fit the current context and audience.

Visualizing Business by Mike Pell
Visualizing Business (2023)

For centuries we've depicted business as static snapshots of highly dynamic systems, charts and graphs frozen in time. No more. Welcome to 4D.


As one of the industry’s most dynamic presenters, Pell delivers impactful and entertaining talks on today’s most important topics—such as Breakthrough Innovation, the Metaverse, AI and Mixed Reality, and Notes from the Future 


Live Talks and Featured Media

Bold, Brilliant and The Best of Both Worlds | In partnership with Microsoft Garage accordion-plus accordion-minus
Visualizing the Neuroverse (2021 - Mike Pell, Microsoft) accordion-plus accordion-minus
Visualizing Business accordion-plus accordion-minus

from the AWE Conference in Silicon Valley

(2019) M. Pell (The Microsoft Garage): Surfacing The Invisible accordion-plus accordion-minus
Sports and the Metaverse (2021) for Microsoft Azure accordion-plus accordion-minus
This Week in XR (2021) – for Charlie Fink of Forbes accordion-plus accordion-minus
Smart Dust Podcast (2019) - SXSW Interview accordion-plus accordion-minus
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