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Boston Micro Fabrication announced as 2021 VRARGS silver sponsor!

Get ready to cross pollinate industries on a new level! BMP joining the VRARGS’ ever-growing lineup of related industries is another signal that the time for immersive is now. In the near future, almost all design work will be done in XR, and micro manufacturing may be one of the most relevant places and biggest opportunities for XR to grow — it’s the only technology we have that will allows us to one day walk into an atom, after all.

Boston Micro Fabrication

Boston Micro Fabrication is the world leader in micro-precision 3D printers utilizing Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) technology. Many leading companies worldwide are adopting PµSL to 3D print true microstructures with ultra-high printing resolution (2µm~50µm) and printing tolerance (+/- 10µm ~ +/- 25µm).

Micro-precision 3D printing is the optimal manufacturing process for various use cases across a wide variety of industries. The combination of ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision allows for more intricate, exact, and replicable parts.

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9 VRARGS Europa

June 2-4, 2021

12 VRARGS Americas

Sept. 28 - Oct 1, 2021


May 11-13, 2021