Letter from Cameron

We rebranded Pulledin (because we had too). It may seem like we neglected our little event production company - but that isn’t the whole story…

The ALR laws in BC essentially shut our more recent offerings down and after that Anne-Marie and I were busy on side projects, I in tech and her in events - our bandwidth was zapped.

Pulledin is a fabulous little gem - we’ve done so many incredible events over the years, and we plan on doing quite a few more.

While our little attempt at creating sustainable and local flavoured events in rural settings failed - it only failed because of the retarded ALR laws in BC prohibiting events (aka having fun) on ALR zoned land. When we started “Details by Pulledin” last Sept we actually acquired 20 private clients in the first 90 days, plus a few exclusive venues - it was a little heartbreaking watching uninformed lawmakers rolling over the opportunity to connect urban populations with nature.

So here we are …. all out rebranded and rebooted. We are going big. We’ve produced the world’s most successful music festival and the world’s most famous conference. I’m feeling rather excited going forward. We got some surprises ahead of us. Let the new adventures begin.