Looking for natural settings to host events in BC sounds simple, right? We took a road trip this week through Squamish, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Langdale, Gibsons, and Roberts Creek while we had the time to poke around for new inspirations.

Every aspect of the Sea-to-Sky route commute is breathtaking and enjoyable - something that really can’t be said about a commute in too many other places.

We took some pics along the way, and hopefully they save us a thousand words:

squamish field

Anne-Marie Enns on a location scout

Squamish Barn

ferry to Bowen Island leaving Horshoe Bay Ferry Terminal

visiting a farm with chickens

cow says moo

event survey passing glacier run off

road signs to Vancouver, Whistler, Horseshoe Bay

Langdale to Horshoe Bay ferry ladies enjoying commute

Langdale to Horshoe Bay ferry tables on the upper deck

fish at the market on Denman in Vancouver

flares in the lens all lined up

the sign everyone driving on the ferry to the Sunshine Coast from West vancouver sees

Marina at Horshoe Bay in West Vancouver

ocean view

oranges at store on Denman in Vancouver

langdale ferry passengers on the upper deck

mountain peak from our car

mountain range

road signs on the way to Squamish

Vancouver and Whistler road signs

the sea-to-sky  route is aptly named

Langdale to Horshoe Bay ferry view from the Zodiac